with Rick
The 28-Day VisionCLEAR Online Group Coaching Program

Helping You Rediscover
Clarity & Courage
So You Can Fulfill Your Life’s
True Purpose.

The 28-Day VisionCLEAR Online Group Coaching Program
VisionQuest with Rick is a playful proven online program to help you find the clarity and courage to fulfill your true purpose.

I want you to know that YOU have a blueprint inside you that’s been covered up by years of conditioning and beliefs about what it means to be successful…

And I want to help you bring that blueprint up to the surface.

I want you to discover a deep sense of clarity for the next phase of your life, a clarity to a level beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.

I want you to then translate that clarity into a written vision for yourself. A vision based on your life’s purpose that you can follow as your guide to achieving your dreams.

Now, there will be moments that are challenging.

There will be times where you’ll be confronted by intense and powerful emotions, but trust me, it will be a fun and extremely empowering process and at the end, you’ll be grateful for the challenge!

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The 28-Day VisionCLEAR Online Group Coaching Program

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People Around The World Have Already Gained Inspiring Real-Life Results, Including…
  • Finding the courage to leave soul-draining occupations and projects
  • Building and growing purpose-driven businesses
  • Writing books
  • Falling in love
  • Starting families
  • Moving to new countries
  • Volunteering overseas
  • Climbing big-ass mountains
  • Launching social impact projects
Adam overcame anxiety and built a $15,000,000 purpose-based company that gives back to those in need!

“My company began as doodles in your workbook. If not for your VisionQuest we would not be doing what we are now and what we are doing is changing lives.”

Adam Hudson, founder of Reliable Education


Hi, I’m Rick Cowley,

I was confronted by my biggest challenge at the age of 21 when I was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Believe me, it was a really scary time…

... but coming face to face with my own mortality provided me with valuable, life-changing lessons.

At that time, I was also lucky enough to find a mentor who helped me ask mySELF some of life’s most important questions and taught me to be more honest with myself than I’d ever been before.

And these lessons transformed my adventure with cancer into one of the biggest blessings of my life.

But even with my newfound courage, I felt there were still some gaps in my self-understanding and what I was yet to discover about my true life’s purpose.

Gaps that were steadily filled over the years, as I continued to dedicate myself more and more to self-discovery through meditation, writing, courses and books.

Then, after 13 years, I hit my tipping point. I had finally clarified ENOUGH of the missing pieces of my purpose and my vision...

And it compelled me to do something that would change my life forever.

… I created a program to help other young adult cancer survivors reconnect with their flow and discover their true purpose in life.

And after two years of running these LIFE-CHANGING retreats, I realised what I was doing could not only help cancer survivors but, through a potent combination of AMBITION and HEART, it could help EVERYONE!

“Rick has a talent for asking just the right questions to help you clarify what you already knew - and take your life to the next level.”

Seth Rosenburg, former product lead at Facebook, currently investor at Greylock, San Francisco, USA


What You Can Expect Inside The 28-Day VisionCLEAR Online Group Coaching Program
Week 1: Reconnect with the Power to Create Your Life

Day 1 - Inner Knowing

Day 2 - Paradise Inside First

Day 3 - Authentic as Fyck

Day 4 - Raising Your Internal Thermostat

Day 5 - Enjoy What You've Created

Day 6 - Making Heaven on Earth

Day 7 - The Joke of Life
Week 2: Discover Your Life's Purpose

Day 8 - Did You Forget that You're ALIVE?

Day 9 - If You Don't Enjoy the Ride, What's the Point?

Day 10 - Do You Believe in Life After Before Death?

Day 11 - Embracing Your Weeerdness

Day 12 - The Other Definition of Appreciation

Day 13 - Priceless Swords and Precious Daggers

Day 14 - When You Die, Not a Dry Eye
Week 3: Reveal What's Truly Important to You

Day 15 - Curses Are Always Blessings

Day 16 - Sweet Fulfillment

Day 17 - Creating Your Community

Day 18 - Co-Creating with the Great Flow

Day 19 - Like a Rock Star

Day 20 - Stoke the Fire of Desire

Day 21 - Leaps of Inspiration
Week 4: Clarify Your Mission and Craft Your Vision

Day 22 - Don't Wait to Do What You REALLY Want to Do

Day 23 - The Real Path of Least Resistance

Day 24 - Just Fyckit DO IT

Day 25 - Grow Through Pain or Inspiration

Day 26 - Surrender to the Adventure

Day 27 - Structures for Maximum Expression of Love

Day 28 - Just Keep Going

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The 28-Day VisionCLEAR Online Group Coaching Program

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What Makes The 28-Day VisionCLEAR Online Group Coaching Program So Different to Others?

The problem is that no one has ever shown you HOW to get THIS KIND of authentic clarity.

In fact, your teachers and parents and bosses trained you AWAY from your inner clarity. For decades!

They’ve trained you to conform to a bullsh*t vision of success that, unfortunately, has nothing to do with YOUR happiness or purpose.

Even other personal growth programs, with the best of intentions, don't take you deep enough into your unique life's purpose. It's a tricky thing, and they just don't know HOW to.

Fortunately, it HURTS to ignore your purpose. And there comes a time when you CAN'T ignore it any longer. You can't live the rest of your life FEELING like this.

I can help you tune in deeply, find this clarity, and capture it on paper. Your written vision will give you the focus and inspiration to launch a new authentic phase of life.

My VisionQuest process has been refined with hundreds of live participants during dozens of VisionQuest retreats.

The concepts, the questions, the sequence; every little step reveals another piece of your life's vision.

A vision that will simplify your life, refocus you on what truly matters, and keep you on track towards your most meaningful dreams.

In The 28-Day VisionCLEAR Online Group Coaching Program, You’ll Discover...

A Deep Sense Of Clarity On What It Is You Actually Want In Life - Identify what it is that’s been holding you back, so you can leave it behind and start rediscovering yourself and what you need TO DO to create true happiness and fulfilment.

Courage In Who You Really Are - The more you learn about yourself, the more you become aligned with your gifts and what it is you were put here to do. Which means you’ll finally be blessed with the freedom to follow what you really want - your true path.

How To Ride The Waves Of Life; Not Fight Them - After the program, you’ll start to see your problems in a whole new light, and understand they are blessings. You'll stop feeling like you're fighting against the waves of life and instead, ride them in the right direction.

How to Ensure You Start Your Days Excited & Energized - Dedicating the first and freshest part of your day allows you to tap into the true potential of your inner self, free from distractions, so you can clarify your vision and take action on achieving that vision throughout your day.

A Fun & Exciting Process - I’ll guide you step-by-step through the daily audio lessons and writing exercises, and meet with you online each week for further support. All you need to do is simply show up and surrender to the process!

I honestly don't think I would have booked this gig and fulfilled this dream if it wasn't for the VisionQuest!!

Alicia Albright, singer/dancer, Disney's Frozen on Broadway, New York City, USA


What's My Investment?

By signing up to The 28-Day Online Group Coaching Program, you’re saving yourself $5000 + flights + the travel expenses you would normally pay for The VisionQuest Bali Retreat.

I’ll guide you through the VisionQuest Process, plus you’ll also get access to 5 live group coaching calls, allowing you to experience the magic of VisionQuest without leaving your home...

 28 Day Online Course

72 Page Downloadable PDF Workbook

5 x Group Coaching Calls with Rick

Access To A Private Facebook Community Like Minded VisionQuesters

Lifetime access to online materials


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The 28-Day VisionCLEAR Online Group Coaching Program

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60-Day Risk-FREE 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you commit to listening to the audio lessons, completing the writing exercises, and implementing your unique vision into your life, you will find fulfilment.

My promise is that you will be more clear than you've ever been before about who you are and what you're really here to do.

If you don't feel this way after 60 days, show me that you’ve completed the exercises, and I'll give you all of your money back.

I’m offering you this guarantee because I know that if you commit to completing everything in this course and commit to reconnecting with your true purpose, nothing can stop you on your journey to achieving your most fulfilling life.   

Simply click the button below, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can sign up and start making bold life-changing actions today.

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The 28-Day VisionCLEAR Online Group Coaching Program

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What is the cost of NOT knowing what you truly want for the next phase of your life?

How many more years or weeks or DAYS are you going to let fear or self-doubt keep you stuck in disempowering situations?

At the end of your life, will you be able to look back and say that you did what you truly wanted to?

That you fully enjoyed that gift? That you fulfilled your true purpose?

Right now, your business may provide you with money…

Your relationship may provide a comfort zone…

Your lifestyle may give you status…

But are these benefits deep enough?

Are they worth the cost of your soul?

The power is in your hands…

You have the choice, are you willing to remain trapped and disempowered on a path that you know is wrong, but you don’t know how to change?

Or will you take action and commit to connecting to your inner guide and commit to waking up to your true life’s purpose?

I look forward to seeing you inside…

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The 28-Day VisionCLEAR Online Group Coaching Program

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