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Let’s make 2019 the most magical and meaningful year of your life, together, with...

The 5-Minute VisionRESET Challenge

During This Challenge, You’ll Receive 4 Unique 5-Minute Video Guides Featuring Me, Rick Cowley, Sent Directly to Your Email Inbox Along With 4 Powerful Writing Exercises Designed to Help You…

  • RECONNECT with your inner guide, who’ll uncover what it is you REALLY want to do with your life.


  • Discover gratitude and remember how precious and blessed your life really is, providing you with the confidence you need to take action towards your true purpose.

  • Uncover what ACTUALLY brings you Joy & Fulfillment, so you can stop wasting your time playing it ‘safe’ or falling for what others tell you success and happiness SHOULD look like.

  • Wake up to what’s truly important to you, so you can take actions toward achieving it.
“I've done so many workshops, seminars, 3-day events etc and although I have learnt a lot through attending them all, I have never felt a transformational shift before (even after doing De Martini's Breakthrough experience) like I did from your 5 Minute VisionRESET. How did you give me this shift from just a five-minute video!?”

- Haley Hughes
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The 5-Minute VisionRESET Challenge
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